Clients talk about their experience with LeadershiPR

"I participated in an article ‘Leading Businesspeople’ led by Einat Friedman I can say wholeheartedly that Einat and her team are professionals, at t he highest level. Einat knows exactly how the final product should look, the messages and topics that must be the focus of the article and getting the most out of the accompanying photography day . The pictures came out great, the article content was precis e and to the point, we received positive feedback and customer responses were not late in coming. Personally, it is very pleasant to work with Einat, she has the ability to give personal attention, is attentive and provides the response that is suited for you. Professionally she succeeded in turning our ideas into an article with value – and that’s what is important”
a veteran business owner in the optical sector
"My partners and I at the firm took part in several productions produced by Einat Friedman, in articles published in both ‘Atmosphere’ magazine and in Forbes Israel . Einat Friedman, besides being a charming woman who is very pleasant to spend time with, is a first - class professional, and just like she knows her work, she also understan ds legal work and firms and the right way to address their media aspects . During our joint work we received personal attention, backing and full cooperation, ultimately reflected in a very high - level product. The nature of the projects in which we particip ated was pleasant, professional and non - commercialized. This connected perfectly with the concept and perception of marketing that best suits us. What is special about Einat as I see it is her ability to provide very high level service and personal attenti on, thanks to which the final outcome was excellen”.
Adv. Shira Shein
Michael Shein Law Firm
"We started out with a PR services project relating to one of the leading health groups in Isra el. In the process we noticed Einat’s precision and her meticulous planning down to the smallest detail. Einat knows how to tie all the loose ends you can even think of. This is what brought us to choose her, and the results were not late in coming. She is very talented and super - professional in her field. This is reflected in the work prior to photography, during the photography, and no less important – in selecting the best professionals on the marke . Her strength lies in her ability to understand and ma tch the suitable media to the persona or company. She does this with great professionalism and wisdom. In addition to all this, she has a charming and caring personality, and for her what is important is that the final product will be the most precise and the most suitable. It is a pleasure to work with her, and we will undoubtedly choose to work with Einat in the future as well.”
a senior manager in the health system
"I participated in articles published in ‘ Atmosphere ’ magazine and in Forbes Israel. I found Einat to be very professional, thorough, someone who makes sure that everything runs like clockwork. During photography, and also before it, she made sure that everything was to our satisfact ion . The PR world is a field in which many times things are promised but not delivered. With Einat it was different. She met all her commitments in full. Furthermore, her in - depth knowledge of the field was evident. She knew which magazines are the most su itable and how to portray us. That makes all the difference. The value we received was much higher than the value we would have received if we had placed another advertisement in the paper . The final outcome was a high - level and quality product. It branded our company exactly the way we imagined and contributed extensively to the marketing aspect of the business. We are satisfied and will undoubtedly want to work with Einat in the future as well"
Amir Yekutie
owner of the development and construction company Amir Yekutiel Real Estate Ltd
"I received an interesting offer: to participate in a project for International Women ’ s Day that would be published in ‘Atmosphere’ magazine. I agreed, even though in the past I had my picture taken for lifestyle articles in other news papers that I will not mention, which left a somewhat sour taste . This time the experience was entirely different! The photography day itself was pleasant, also in terms of the team – the makeup artist, photographer and Einat who conducted over the styling orchestra, and also in terms of the final product – I really liked the picture, I suddenly saw myself in a different light. Moreover, I have only good things to say about working with Einat! She is always available, responded to everything, before and during the photographs, no question was left unanswered. I wish all those working in this field were fair and honest like her. She is both professional and charming, and does her work as best as possible.
Dr. Ilana Aminov, Dentist
Participated in an article in ‘Atmosphere’ magazine
"Contrary to what is common here, work with Einat was very professional and very precise. Everything was exactly as we agreed and discussed. The article included photography, styling and makeup, and everything w as meticulously done, exactly according to the times Einat had promised . The photography day was very complex, we are not alone there and everything takes time – the makeup, the hair, the clothing, the suitable lighting and the suitable photography angle. The time was managed optimally, the photographer was very professional, within ten seconds he found the correct position and everything was precise. The final result – exactly as promised us. At the business level the article also generated inquiries from customers, I didn’t even expect this but it simply happened . Einat’s professionalism and the fact that she provided exactly what she promised is something that, at least for me, is very important”
Dr. Ora Golan, treats anxieties and fears
Participated in an article in ‘Atmosphere’ magazine
"I had the benefit of undergoing a special experience during photography for an article in which I participated for ‘Atmosphere’ magazine. The team, that included a photographer, stylist, makeup artist and hair designer, was professional, courteous and tolerant, and provided a special and down to earth experience. But what is important is that Einat led everyone, with charm, while paying att ention to details, and the outcome is wonderful – to the point, photographs that are complimenting, precise styling. The feedbacks I received from clients attest to this. Einat made sure to give personal, warm and caring attention, from the first meeting d uring photograph production, through the favorable article and up to sending the magazine issue to my office . I warmly recommend Einat – she is service - oriented, professional, and no less important – credible.
Dr. Tali Friedman, plastic surgeon
International Center for Body Shaping Participated in an article in ‘Atmosphere’ magazine
"Einat called me and suggested I participate in an article. Even though I do not take part in media projects, something about Einat led me to trust her and go along with her . After the photographs, and after the article was p ublished, I saw the outcome and I was not sorry for even one minute ! I like people who get things done, who know how to drive processes, because I am like that myself, and this is exactly what took place with Einat. She is matter - of - fact, a doer, a woman t hat keeps her word, both in preparations for the photography and during the process, everything was carried out pleasantly, courteously, professionally, and with a smile . In everything having to do with Einat, service is really first - class, and to summariz e in short – I enjoyed myself.
Anat Sudri, architect
Participated in an article in ‘Atmosphere’ magazine