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Israel presents a wealth of opportunities for international businesses. But how do you get started doing business in Israel? Whether you are looking for Israeli customers or interested in finding Israeli vendors, getting introduced to an Israeli by another Israeli immediately builds credibility and trust.

LeadershiPR’s Founder and CEO, Einat Friedman, has over 30 years of experience in PR, advertising, and communication. Over the years, she has built a vast network of connections with CEOs and executives across a wide variety of industries.

As a natural communicator and an energetic business connector, Einat can help any business find the most relevant partners, vendors, and customers in Israel. She has a unique talent for building rapport with CEOs and can help you connect directly with the decision-makers in any company.

Additionally, Einat has developed collaborations with International PR agencies worldwide. Our goal is to effectively represent international businesses entering Israel and help Israeli companies connect with customers and partners overseas.

To supplement newly created collaborations, we offer our PR expertise in getting the word out, both in Israeli media and international media.

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