Public Relations

Sassoon Friedman provides a suite of communication and public awareness services to its clients. We cater to the most demanding clients based on their public profile and the objective they try to achieve.

For startups and entrepreneurs, Sassoon Friedman Group has the knowledge, talent, experience and resources to deploy awareness campaigns to help its clients, from incubators, pre-revenue startups, and entrepreneurs, to medium size and multinational corporations. Our goal is helping our clients identify their own message, build their brand and create a strategic public image asset that increases in value.

Global Reach

Sassoon Friedman offers global PR and government engagement services for Israeli companies seeking to enter overseas markets, and international companies seeking entry into the Israeli market.

Through strategic partnerships with leading industry partners, we provide global footprint, from the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, to Asia-Pacific, North and South America.

At Sassoon Friedman’s, our most valuable asset is our team. We are a diverse company that prides itself on the rich background of each team members. Our team’s collective linguistic skills, include fluency in twenty languages, acute knowledgeable of various cultures and customs, and possess diverse and dynamic professional experiences that span across various industries.

Many have served globally in government services and with multinational Fortune 500 companies, with advance degrees in business, marketing, communication, economics and political science. This pool of talent and expertise enables us to help our clients launch their products and services simultaneously in multiple markets with confidence, assurances and focus.

Network as a Service (NaaS)

Being in the center of the Startup Nation, we capitalize on the wealth of opportunities available for international businesses. We have accumulated a strong presence with an even stronger network over ten years in the Israeli market, through our Business Network Hub, we offer clients an opportunity to push their brand to its limits. From product testing, research and development, to pitching ideas, reaching influential industry and main stream publications, we can also provide access to a network of investors and private equity firms; Sassoon Friedman is firmly positioned to support its clients’ dreams and reach their objectives with steady guidance.

Our predecessors Friedman PR and Leadership PR’s Founder and CEO, Einat Friedman, has over 30 years of experience in PR, advertising, and communication. Over the years, she has built a vast network within the global business community, which is offered as part of our accelerator program.



Einat is CEO for Sassoon Friedman Group, she is also the Senior Vice President for Public Relations at J. Sassoon Group, and Spokesperson for the Sassoon Family Continuation Trust. Einat is the founder of Leadership PR, an Israeli firm that specializes in creating innovative branding platforms for businesses, public figures and organizations. Einat represented some of the most prestigious individuals and Fortune 500 conglomerates in the world, includingOracle (Israel), Mr. Yoav Toureman, CEO of ELTA, Intel (Israel), and Dr. Karnit Flug, former Governor of the Central Bank of Israel, and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Einat’s firm Leadership PR, has a strategic partnership with Forbes Magazine in Israel, and in 2020, Einat was featured in the Monica Garg Influential Women of the World GLOBAL INFLUENCERS. Einat is also the editor of the Markel a business magazine, published by the leading Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, and other business, political and economic publications in Israel.

International PR Services

LeadershiPR offers global PR services for Israeli companies overseas and international companies looking for press coverage in the Israeli market.

Through strategic partnerships with leading PR agencies all over the world, we provide global public relations in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, North and South America. We offer PR in any language, enabling you to launch products and services simultaneously in multiple local markets.

When your company plans to enter the Israeli market, we help you develop the communication strategy that best serves your local needs. We know what interests the Israeli press and use our extensive network of editors, journalists, and publishers to bring your story in front of your accurate target audience using the most suitable platform.

Einat Friedman, LeadershiPR’s Founder and CEO, has over 30 years of experience in the PR, advertising, and communication arena, specializing in CEOs’ and leaders’ branding. Einat is recognized for her signature, high-end productions for the leading financial newspapers and magazines in Israel, including Forbes Israel, Globes, and HaaretzTheMarker. Thanks to her excellent taste and polished content productions, she has been chosen by EL AL, Israel’s national airline, to produce its international Atmosphere magazine.

Whether you are an Israeli business looking for a magazine article abroad or an international business requesting a magazine article in Israel, we take care of all your needs. We ensure the highest visibility and branding, from expert writing and photography to styling, makeup, hair, and location.

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