Why the CEO Should Be at the Forefront of Your Company PR

Successful companies reflect the positive principles of their founders and their current leadership. Like the captain of the ship or the orchestra’s conductor, the CEO represents and exemplifies the spirit and purpose of the organization. Consequently, our philosophy at Leadership PR is to regard the CEO as the best person able to convey the company’s values, trading practices, and above all, its vision for the future.

Nobody expects a global, multi-billion dollar business to be run like a corner shop where everyone drops in for a chat with the owner. But there can be no doubt that where the company’s leader is personable and persuasive, able to attract investors, talented employees, and customers alike, the image that the company puts over will be a highly positive one. In the public’s mind, the company’s values will be aligned with those of its leadership.

At a time when social media adds a cacophony of competing voices on literally any topic, the presence of an authoritative voice speaking with clarity and sensitivity is what will enhance any company’s reputation and positioning. As one researcher has suggested, today’s generation seeks leaders who share their values and whom they feel they can safely follow.

But in a time-driven world, where detailed analysis tends to give way to instant reaction, “knowing” the CEO may be a substitute for information about a company’s product or the quality of its goods or services.

Many obvious examples spring to mind. From Walt Disney and Warren Buffett to Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezos, all created the philosophies of the companies they established and were acknowledged for their distinctive leadership.

Steve Jobs followed his hunches rather than market research, but his personalized product launches made him very much the face of his company. Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, which in its time has incorporated airlines, trains, and music, is identified with his cuddly, unbusinesslike look, carefully cultivated down to his seemingly casual clothes

Despite all the fast-changing aspects of doing business in the 2020s, some home truths haven’t changed. People do business with people, not with anonymous entities. The sympathy they feel towards a company’s products and services can be significantly influenced by the feeling that they “know” the boss, which holds true for businesses of all shapes and sizes. A CEO with strong personal branding generating a positive image is the best PR any company can have.

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